1. Kenstco240112d1 01 Laura Im Sorry About The Cobbler
  2. Kenstco240112d1 02 Pour Down
  3. Kenstco240112d1 03 Wineglass Television
  4. Kenstco240112d1 04 I Am The Wheel
  5. Kenstco240112d1 05 Checkin Out
  6. Kenstco240112d1 06 Beccas Dad
  7. Kenstco240112d1 07 Porridge
  8. Kenstco240112d1 08 Planet Earth
  9. Kenstco240112d1 09 Aged White Cheddar

“Steve Martin…he plays Goldilocks in the song….we didn’t pay him for it… he was the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors, he was incredible, we had to have him”

Kendall Street Company’s first ever show with Dopapod. A musical touching of tips if you will. Wonderful, just wonderful. Ryan is on Fro’s drums and Brian is on Chuck Jones bass amp. Ben and Rob played each other guitars later in the week.

Incoming “Cobbler,” starting off hot. Scalding some would venture to say. First jam of the new year. “Pour Down,” still working out some kinks. New year, new key they say (band is trying it out in lower range). “Checkin’ Out” gets far out there man. “Becca’s Dad” features of Ringo Starr’s “Back off Boogaloo.” Is “Porridge” a banjo song? No wrong answers. Followed by the metal tune “Planet Earth.” Cheddar closer with a ripping Jake sax solo. Jam ventures into “Doomsday” territory.