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    Snow Day
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They’re calling for the rain to turn to early morning flurries
Was 1-2 now 6-8 I guess that's meteorology
Now I’m headed for the grocery store to get my milk and eggs
If it's anything like last winter's storm we’ll be stuck on this culdesac for days

Ah ah ah ah ah - stuck out here for days

Fluorescent lights they guide the way through aisles scarcely holding
The necessary accouterments for successful hideaway
I'm talking no more paper, no more liquor, no more dreams of hot chocolate winter
No more bread man i can't believe it
How in the hell am I gonna survive?

Stuck out here for days
Am I gonna survive? - stuck out here for days

Homeward bound and my cell phone rings, it’s neighbor Tony ready for anything
I say “I'm freaking out man, there's nothing left here, I don’t think I’ll last the winter”
He says “It's all good Lou, snow party at my place I’ve got sleds and extra everything”
I say “Oh hell yea bro, complete 180, I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna thrive”

Stuck out here for days
We're gonna thrive - stuck out here for days

Come morning time
Jump up to look outside
Low and behold no snow in sight
No glimmer of sunlight to catch the eye
Cold wet windy, nasty slushy, cloudy gray day
Nothing to do, nothing to see, nothing coming my way
School’s in session, Work is happening, Tony's party I can't imagine
Just then Tony, from across the way, calls come on over

I’m throwing the party anyway ah yea
Everybody needs a snow day

Written by Kendall Street Company and Dan Davis
Lyrics by Louis Smith and Dan Davis
Engineering by Jake Vanaman
Additional Engineering by Louis Smith
Mixing by Zach Staas
Mastering by Justin Perkins

Louis Smith: Acoustic Guitar and Vox
Brian Roy: Bass and Vox
Ryan Wood: Drums and Vox
Jake Vanaman: Keyboards and Vox
Ben Laderberg: Electric Guitar
Andy Thorn: Banjo
The Raymond Roadies: Group Vox