1. Eyes of the World
  2. Sidetracked
  3. Checkin' Out
  4. Crab Surprise
  5. California #17
  6. California #X
  7. California #24
  8. Snow Day
  9. You Oughta Know
  10. Tightrope
  11. Aged White Cheddar
  12. Catz in Zeh Haus

“We love the fax machine”

Night 3 of KSC’s first proper Midwest run since March of 2020. That’s three years for those keeping track back home. What a time it was. It was like the band hardly even left. This was the band’s third performance at Summit Music Hall. Fourth ever in Columbus. Thanks to Ryan for clarifying. Dairy Family opened the show. 

EOTW opener. Pretty standard stuff at this point. Check it out.

This “Sidetracks” jam. Just wow. Tour manager, Sam, who has seen the band probably 200 times by now, said this was one of the best jams she’s ever heard. So take that what you will. It’s got some evil, some psych, some vibiness. Check it out.

Road testing “Checkin’ Out.” Fun tune. Check it out.

Well executed motherfucking “Crab Surprise”. Brian’s just dying to find out what comes next. Check it out.

California #17, X, and 24 (sick version) performed in honor of Mark from Ohio. Check it out.

“Snow Day” based on a true story when they call for snow but it doesn’t come. Check it out.

Louis drinks water before “You oughta know” because it makes him so angry. Really gets him going. Really fucks him up. Check it out.

“Tightrope” is apparently about cirque du soléil , how fucking up the environment, Swiss cheese sandwiches, fruit roll ups, and the little cartons of milk. Sick transition into “Aged White Cheddar.” Brian likes it aged. Louis teases “Secret Agent Man” post drum solo. Check it out.

Brian hits the brown note at the end of “Wasted” check it out.

 No Cars troll here. Got u. Still check it out.

Sauerkraut comes up for “Catz” encore. Check it out. You can do it!