1. 1
    Laura, I'm Sorry About The Cobbler
  2. 2
    My Best Friend
  3. 3
    Eyes Of The World
  4. 4
    Stephen The Manly Clam
  5. 5
    Checkin Out
  6. 6
  7. 7
    Snow Day
  8. 8
    Marty Song
  9. 9
    The Preamble
  10. 10
    Say Hey! Ft Nate Sacks
  11. 11
  12. 12
    Becca's Dad
  13. 13
    Pour Down
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16
    Bird Song
  17. 17
    Cars >Born In The Usa
  18. 18
    Hot Dog

“So July 3rd is a very important day in our nation’s history. As uh the declaration itself  was actually composed I believe on the 2nd. And on the 4th was it signed…. But on the third they just thought about it and argued a lot. Which is my favorite thing to at a family gathering. A good family and a good gathering”

Fun fact: the band was considering marketing this show as “the hot dog banger” but opted to forgo the idea due to wiener-gun budgetary concerns. When the real hot dog banger comes, production values will be through the roof. This turned out to be a killer show though regardless. So enjoy!

We’re back baby, and we’re sorry about the cobbler. Always a great way to start a show. Long ambient intro. Jam starts jazzy a la Wes Montgomery. Then the band turns up the thermostat without dad’s permission. It’s gettin hot in here. Excellent jam.

Right into “My Best Friend.” It seems that the secret band talk back mic was left in the mix for this show so you can listen to the band calling the set and other music. commentary. Just this once though ! “Eyes of the World” called instead of “Marty”

Louis tells of the epic saga of “Stephen the Manly Clam.” It’s ok to cry Stephen, you don’t have to be so manly all the time. 

Band tries out playing “Checkin Out” . Early version slower than played in its current state. Jake’s fingers are sweaty. Brian tells the history of the July 4th holiday. Meta-Arguments ensue. Time for “Viceroy.” Don’t take Louis for a fool, just try to keep it cool.

“Snow Day” instead of “Cali 24.” Tony in the song a local VB legend. 

Special guest Nate Sacks nowhere to be found so “Marty” finely gets its time in the sun. Slow start. Jake shreds solo. Sick totally improvised jam at the end in the vain of “Doomsday.” Highly recommend (drops into phat beat). End set 1

Louis opens set 2 with a hot serenade of the preamble to the Constitution. 

Nate Sacks of the Lifehacks (who kicked off the show) joins the band for a raucous “Say Hey”. Nate was also Ben’s middle school School of Rock counselor, so felt good to shred together once again. 

Jake starts “Becca’s Dad” solo. Descends into dark psychedelia. A one of a kind version for sure. “Pour Down” in honor of the  rain”

“Trapeze” and “Tightrope” performed before their official release on Separation95. Jake informs audience that “Planet Sauvage” on the projector directly inspired the record. Brian calls “Bird Song” out of Tightrope. Brian takes a bass solo about eight minutes in. 

Cars troll is the boss’ “Born in the U.S.A.” What a classic anti-war anthem. Lou crushed the vocals. 

Encore is “Hot Dog”. No, not the funky Lou Donaldson tune. It’s our song “Hot Tub” but with the lyrics “Hot Dog.” Praying for a full on Hot Dog Banger next year.