1. Becca's Dad
  2. Eyes of the World
  3. Laura, I'm Sorry About the Cobbler
  4. Stanley Birdogmouth (He's an Oyster!)
  5. Cars > Jessica
  6. Catz In Zeh Haus
  7. Aged White Cheddar

“Zee feesh Iz en zeh lazy reever”

The band’s first performance ever at Peach Music Festival and wow the crowd was ravenous for some shreddy peach juices. The band delivered the goods, you know the drill. The cobbler/cheddar feast combo comes highly recommended from yours truly. 

Ferocious “Becca’s Dad” opener. 

Song #2, “Eyes of the World” was not fully recorded due to a glitch error. Curses.

A special Peach cobbler to welcome the audience into song #3. Cool rhythmic interplay mid jam. Brian could go for a nice warm cobbler in his tummy. The resounding choice was peach.

A well placed “Stanley Birddogmouth” clocking in at track #4. Excellent solo.

“Cars” earned its track #5 placement with an appropriate Allman Brothers tease

“Catz in Zeh Haus” got everybody dance banging deep into the daymorrow. That’s a song #6 if I’ve ever heard one.

Ferocious “Aged White Cheddar” closer.