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    Becca's Dad (feat. Andy Hall)
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Becca's Dad Single 2023. Featuting Andy Hall on Lap Steel and Daniel Clarke on Keyboards. It's a song about Becca's Dad. 

Becca's Dad comes to all the shows 

He travels to and he travels fro 

Red head once, but now it’s gray

Time flies by, and he’ll still play 

It’s going down in Chinatown

Becca’s dad is down to clown

No I ain’t ever seen that dude frown

Yea he knows the place, he’s headed there now

New York City to Chucktown 

He’s got every shirt and a pin for his crown 

Remembers when CDs where a thing

I don’t even know his real name

Yea Becca’s dad is a front row man 

Riding the rail in Birmingham

If you’ve got a gig today

Becca’s dad is on the way 

I say now wake up now we got something to say 

That daddio can seize the day 

Kendall Street Company:
Louis Smith (Electric Rhythm Guitar, Vox)
Brian Roy (Electric Bass)
Ryan Wood (Drums)
Ben Laderberg (Electric Guitar)
Jake Vanaman (Saxophones)

Written by Kendall Street Company
Produced by Kendall Street Company

Engineering by Stewart Myers at White Star Sound in Louisa, VA on 9/1/2022

Mixing by Zach Staas

Mastering by Justin Perkins

Lyrics by Louis Smith

Art by Chris Bertetta

Additional Musicians: 

Daniel Clarke (Piano, Organ)

Andy Hall (Lap Steel)