1. Crab Surprise
  2. Lunar Dude>Innerstate
  3. Marty Song
  4. Aged White Cheddar
  5. Waiting on a Train
  6. Becca's Dad
  7. Catz en zeh Haus
  8. Dust Mites>Island Time
  9. Mary & Meggo >Don't Bogart that Joint
  10. Cars>Frisco Kid
  11. Boomba Voyage (I Sure Do Love Plants)
  12. Board Shorts

“I had an emotional connection with that paper”

There you have it people. After years of blabbing about becoming big L.A. big shots with finely groomed poodles and swimming pools with waterfall features, Kendall Street Company finally made the trek out to the West Coast in search of fame, glory, crabs, and buried treasure. They called it the “Untitled California Tour” and even wrote a record, the “Untitled California Project” to go along with it. This here show is the band’s first EVER show in San Francisco. Just think…KSC will never ever again have a first time ever performance there. Once in a lifetime. It was a Vodka Cran kind of night. Pastel Panties kicked off the night. 

“Crab Surprise” opener because it’s the most Dead sounding song in the KSC catalog, and you know those guys…. well, they were from there. Jake lays down some nasty keys. Let us know if you think he’s a Pigben, Constanten, Lagin, Godcheux, or Mydland. One thing’s for sure.. He’s not really a Hornsby. Shout out to that guy though, he’s a fellow Virginian. 

“Lunar Dude” jams hard. Brian makes his bass sound like a Jewharp. Louis cues “Innerstate.” Ryan holds it down on the floor tom. This version is in the same tempo as “Lunar Dude” and is thus a lot faster than usual. Back to “Lunar Dude.”

Sleezy slow Marty start with a cool ostinato thing. Spooky vocal interlude turns into evil dark crescendo. Jake extended sax solo rips. Straight into “Aged White Cheddar.” Ben starts his solo with the prompt “there’s a fly stuck on the windowsill.” And it only gets better from there. This cheese stanks. The fly is dead. Ryan takes his customary Cheddar drum solo and goes all John Bonham on it. Louis starts playing “Waiting on a Train” instead of the band going back into Cheddar. Brian noodles over the main riff in the manner of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You.” Louis sings “Aged White Cheddar” in the psych-y outro and Ben plays the riff in response. Big psychedelic peak with bringing joining in on the falsetto.

Becca’s Dad legit traveled to San Francisco for this show and High Sierra. This song is tribute. Louis says “It’s going down in Japantown” instead of “Chinatown.” Either because that’s the neighborhood the venue is in. Or maybe because of the sushi dinner the night before. This writer is not sure. Huge all band rambling session at the end of the song. “Wasted” because the band claimed to be drunk for 8 days in a row during their stay in SF.

Fun “Catz in Zeh Haus.” Good point about learning that cow says moo burt not learning what turtles say. Another giant ramble session at the end.

“Dust Mites” goes into “Intermission Music (Island Time)” the latter of which was a fan request. This version is a fourth higher than normal and hard for Louis to sing. Back to “Dust Mites.” A lot forced in both directions. But hey, the band was having fun. 

“Meggo” into “Don’t Bogart that Joint.” 

Bucky Henry, who used to play percussion with the band back in their rowdy college days, joined the band for “Cars> The Cisco Kid” (first time played) but with the lyrics “Frisco Kid.” Features a sweet perc breakdown between Ryan and Bucky which leads right into “Boomba Voyage.” Also shoutout to Bucky for hosting the band all week at his crib.

“Board Shorts” encore. Brian teases “Chaise Longue.” 

Mixed by Jake Vanaman