1. Lady I Love
  2. Waiting On A Train/Down The Line (Undrowned)
  3. Lady In Green
  4. Dear White Old Moon
  5. The Earth Turns
  6. Blend Into Thunder
  7. In a Little While
  8. A King's Farewell
  9. Snowday In The Fan/Epilogue

Kendall Street Company:
Louis Smith: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vox
Brian Roy: Electric & Upright Basses, Vox
Ryan Wood: Drum Set, Percussion
Ben Laderberg: Electric Guitar, Vox
Jake Vanaman: Saxophone, Synth, Vox (lead track 6)

Written by Kendall Street Company

Lyrics by Louis Smith less track 3 by Laderberg and track 7 by Vanaman
Lyrical Consulting on track 6 by Bucky Henry

Recorded Live at FESTY, 10.31.20, by Robert “Slim” Prescott

Produced by Kendall Street Company
Mixed and Mastered by Jake Vanaman

Album cover design by Ryan Wood and Jake Vanaman
Original photo by Ellen Kanzinger @photo.zinger

”The Stories We Write For Ourselves (Live at FESTY 10.31.20)”

1. Prologue
2. Go On
3. Lady I Love
4. Waiting on a Train / Down the Line (undrowned)
5. Lady in Green
6. Dear White Old Moon
7. Vertigo
8. The Earth Turns
9. Blend into Thunder
10. In a Little While
11. Coffee
12. A King’s Farewell
13. Snowday in The Fan / Epilogue