In the Autumn of 2015, we launched a campaign on Kickstarter to crowdfund our first ever full-length album of original material. Thanks to the people whose names are listed below, we were able to cover the up-front costs of the project and embark on an incredible eight-month journey in creating the album Earth Turns. We are immensely grateful for the support we've received along the way. As we move forward as a band, we will always be thankful for these individuals and groups, who helped us lift our feet off of the ground.

Kate Budorick
Kelsey Bowman
Kyle Sullivan
Laura Papp
LeBron James
Lisa and Mitch Saks
Lucas Alcantara
Lynda Rhiel
Maddie Shiff
Margo Drucker
Maria Faidas
Mary Fasano
Mary Langan
Matthew Rice
Maxwell Brighton-Smith
Michael Roy
Mike Wong
Miles S
Muzzy Greenberg
Nathan Thillairajah
Northern VA Supporter
Parker Lacasse
Peter Segaloff
Quan Phan
Reginald Henry
Rich and Leslie Drehoff
Ritchie Yein
Sam Brott
Samantha J
Sammy Genz
Sara Lee
Scott Hardy
Scott and Carol Ann Smallwood and family
Stuart Sloat
Suzanne Mowery
Tariq Farah
The Smith Gips Family
Tyler Brusie
Will Emmanuel
Will Hutchens
Will Overman
Will Schlegel
Willem van Reesema
Xavier Palathingal

Alex Sefton
Anna Turrietta
Anne Favaloro
Asher McGlothlin
Ashley Yarsinske
B. Head
Banks Griffin
Barbara Smith and Nelson Farley
Ben B.
Ben Gorman
Bill & Addie Roark
Billy Burgess
Brian W.
Brittany M
Brooke Fevrier
Chelsea Brighton-smith
Chris Hutson
Claire Bianchi
Clara Griff
Collin Campbell
Collin Montgomery
Connor Glowacki
Courtenay Harrison
David Drucker
Dirk Verheul
Drew Barnocky
Dylan Teager
Eric Carille
Eric Schuler
Eric Smith
Erin Mundy
Gayle Wood
Genna Matthew
George Guthrie
Gloryah Allen
Groupie 1
Hannah Prillaman
Harry Slater
Ian Lundstrom
Jake Mainwaring
James Johnston
Jeff Lawson
Jennifer Kim
Jennifer Roy