Lyrics by Louis Smith

Music by:
Louis Smith (Guitar/Vox/Glockenspiel)
Brian Roy (Basses/Vox)
Ryan Wood (Drums/Clave)
Andrew Drehoff (Saxophone)
Price Gillock (Keys/Flute)
Ben Laderberg (Electric Guitar)
Bucky Henry (Auxiliary Percussion)
John D’earth (Trumpet)

Produced by Kendall Street Company

Engineered by Jake Dempsey at Summit Sound Recordings-Eagle Rock, VA
Mixing and additional Production by Scott Gordon at Clockworks –Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Dave Collins –Los Angeles, CA
Additional Engineering by Bobby Read at Small World Audio-Charlottesville, VA 

Artwork by Erin O’Keefe

Special thanks to our families who have supported us immensely along the way and without whom, nothing.  Additionally we would like to thank the VB squad, our kickstarter backers, Riley Smith, Tony Bird, Jake Stotlar, Neil Harrison, Sandy Williams, Matty Leon, Sarah Hoshikawa, Joey Yusician, Elsie Leviton, Cara Costanzo, Nick Favaloro, The Good Steal, Lindsay Eckert, Barb Gordon, Randall Ackerly, The Free Bridge Quintet, Wes Rabusseau, Dimitri Daoulas, Stephanie Faires, and Anna Janus.  Last but not least, we would like to thank Kate Dodson for her endless inspiration and kindness.