Select 2018 Setlists

3/30/18 Washington, DC - Gyspy Sallys

Get Up, Laura, Understands, Wasted, Steer Clear>Sojourn of Arjuna, I Know You Rider, Expiration Date>Innerstate>2 Legs, 2 Feet, Cars>Old Home Place>Cars, Telephone, Aged White Cheddar>Third Stone from the Sun, Bladerunner, ¡Aye, que pena!, Sidetracked*, Wineglass

E: Mary & Meggo

*Not Played

3/23/18 Charlottesville, VA - The Jefferson Theater

Bladerunner, Pour Down, Telephone, Get Up->Understands, Expiration Date, Innerstate, Aged White Cheddar->Third Stone, Cherry Tree, Laura, Wineglass, Cars (Old Home Place), 2 Legs, 2 Feet, Space For Days, Rocky, Sidetracked, Slammer

E: Mary & Meggo, Wasted

3/2/18 Brooklyn, NY - The Knitting Factory

Get up, Telephone>Marty Song, When I fell out…, Laura, War>Low Rider>Space For Days>Blade Runner, Pour Down, Wineglass Television, two legs and two feet, Cars>Old Home Place>Cars, Sidetracked, Sidewalk Slammer

E: Wasted

2/20/18 Charlottesville, VA - The SOuthern

Jamming, War>Low Rider>Space for Days>Blade Runner, Cars + Jam, I Know Your Rider,

E: Mary & Meggo, Wasted

1/27/18 Harrisonburg, Va - Clementine

Set I: Kettle, Bikes, Steer Clear>Sojourn of Arjuna>Expiration Date, Pour Down, Last Dance with Mary Jane, Understand you, Laura (I’m sorry about the Cobbler), Telephone>Marty Song

Set II: Seem Serene, Innerstate, Josefina, ¡Aye, que pena!, War>Low Rider>Space for Days>Blade Runner

E: Dust in a Baggy*, Bertha*, Wasted
*Featuring Lee Dye on the mandolin

1/20/18 Baltimore, MD - The 8x10

Two Legs and Two Feet, Pour Down, Telephone>Marty Song, Friend of the Devil>Blackberry Blossom Special>Friend of the Devil, Sidewalk Slammer, War>Low Rider> Space For Days>Blade Runner, Laura (I’m sorry about the cobbler), Cars>Jessica>Cars