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12/30/17 Washington, DC - Gypsy Sallys

Marty (Dreamy Slow Start), Laura (I’m sorry about the Cobbler), Pour Down, War>Low Rider>Space for Days (w/ future section), When I fell out…, Blade Runner, Dust in a Baggy, Kettle, Bikes, Expiration Date, Understands You, Steer Clear, Wineglass Television, Cars>Under the Sea

E: Two Legs and Two Feet, Sidewalk Slammer

12/21/17 Richmond, VA - THe Camel

Bikes*, Pour Down, Telephone, Bertha, Blade Runner*, War*>Low Rider>Space for Days (w/ future section), Laura (I’m sorry about the cobbler)*, Cars>Joy to the World>Cars, Wasted, Expiration Date, Sidewalk Slammer

11/10/17 Charlottesville, VA - The SOuthern
Kendall Street Grass Company Bluegrass Jamboree

Seem Serene, Friend of the Devil>Blackberry Blossom Special>Friend of the Devil, Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Telephone, Marty Song>Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,, Two Legs and Two Feet, Innerstate, Laundry Room, Bertha, Dust in a Baggie, Sweet and Clean, Expiration Date, Cars>Old Home Place>Cars, Space for Days, My Best Friend, Wasted

E: Nine Pound Hammer, Shady Grove> Turmoil and Tinfoil>Shady Grove, This Train>Froggy>This Train

10/26/17 Manhattan, NY - American Beauty

When I Fell Out…, Octopus’s Garden>Telephone>Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls>Telephone>Octopus tag, Space For Days, 2 Legs and 2 Feet, Marty>Sojourn of Arujuna>Expiration Date, Into the Mystic, Innerstate, Josefina, Aye Que Pena, Sidetracked, Cherry Tree, Pour Down, Friend of the Devil>Blackberry Blossom Special>Friend of the Devil, Cars>Jessica>Cars, Sidewalk Slammer

E: Wineglass Television

10/6/17 Charlottesvile, VA - The Southern "Nautical Aquatical High"

Set I: Tubular Reality, Yellow Submarine*, Marty Song>When I fell out…, Expiration Date, Ripped My Pants*, Sweet and Clean, Octupus’s Garden*>Telephone>Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls*>Telephone#, Stanley Birddongmouth, Wipe Out

Set II: Space Song*>Into the Mystic, Steer Clear, Summer Dreams, Mary Jane’s Last Dance, Two Legs and Two Feet, Wineglass Television, Cars>Under the Sea*, Sidewalk, Sidetracked, ¡Aye, que pena!>Surfer Ending

E: Castles Made of Sand%

#End w/ Octopus’s Garden Riff
% Unplayed

9/1/17 Charlottesville, VA - THe Southern "Space For Days Release Show"

Set I: Bardo#*, Waiting in Vain#%*, Sweet Sarah#%*, Space for Days, Pour Down, Telephone, Sidewalk, When I fell out…&>Sojourn of Arjuna>Cocoa Butter Kisses>Sojourn of Arjuna>Marty Song>Expiration Date%$, Give Me One Reason%

Set II: Innerstate> Josefina$> ¡Aye, que pena!$, Sidetracked, Somebody To Keep Me Warm#*, New Minglewood Blues#@**, Sidewalk Slammer%

E: Cars>Parcel Q> Cars, Wasted

#ft. Asher McGlothlin
%ft. Erin Lunsford
&ft. Eliza Janus
$ft. Julian Brass
@ft. Lee Dye
*Debut, Asher McGlothlin original
**First time performed since 05/07/2016

8/24/17 Arrington, VA - LOCKN' Music Festival

Space For Days, Telephone>Marty Song>Expiration Date, Sidetracked, Sidewalk Slammer*

*Song cut, Umphrey’s McGee’s set begins

6/15/17 Charlotte, NC - The Visulite Theater

Sidewalk Slammer, Telephone>Marty Song>When I fell out…, Space For Days, ¡Aye, que pena!, Incident at Neshabur, Pour Down,  Sidetrack, Cars>Jessica>Cars

5/6/17 Charlottesville, VA - Crozet Pizza Buddhist Biker Bar "Abraxas: A Santana Tribute Experience"

Set I: (Space For Days Album): Space for Days, Pour Down, Expiration Date, Telephone, Sidewalk, When I fell out…, Innerstate, Josefina, ¡Aye, que pena!, Sidewalk Slammer

Set II: (Abraxas Album): Singing Winds, Crying Beasts,, Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen, Oye Como Va, Incident at Neshabur, Se a Cabo, Mother’s Daughter, Samba Pa Ti, Hope You’re Feeling Better, El Nicoya

E: Evil Ways, Fried Neckbones and Some Homefries, ¡Aye, que pena!, Soul Sacrifice

4/16/17 Charlottesville, VA - Tom Tom Festival

Telephone, Expiration Date, Friend of the Devil>Blackberry Blossom Special, Friend of the Devil, Space For Days, Cars>Jessica>Cars, Seem Serene, Sidewalk, Marty>Sojourn of Arjuna, Sidewalk Slammer, Wasted

3/31/17 Washington, DC - Gypsy Sallys

Telephone, Expiration Date, Seem Serene, Wineglass Television, Marty Song, Sidetracked, Cherry Tree, Long Lost, Sidewalk, Sidewalk Slammer, Wasted, Tracy Cuatro*, ¡Aye, que pena!, Space for Days

*Later renamed Josefina

2/4/17 Charlottesville, VA - The Jefferson Theater

Telephone, Pour Down, Sidewalk, Cars>Jessica>Cars, Sidewalk Slammer, Wasted

Total Show Count: 119